Pink Pet Brushes Kit for Cats and Dogs

Pink Pet Brushes Kit for Cats and Dogs

Made for Pets

Our kit contains all the accessories you might need during your pet bathing or brushing.

Pets, when seeing conventional equipment, tend to flee away. For example, after bathing a dog, when you are ready to dry its fur using a human hairdryer, it runs away. This is because animals have a different sound hearing range, and human hair dryer proves to be too noisy and too hot for the delicate fur of your dog.

  • LoMas Pet Grooming Kit contains accessories that are specially designed to suit pet bathing and brushing needs, designed for the delicate fur of your pets. The special delicate brush fibers are made of food-grade material that is so soft that the pet’s fur seems to be a part of the brush fibers.

5 Brushes are Included and Nail File with Nail Clippers too


  1. The bathing brush is included inside the kit is an ideal tool to enhance the penetration of shampoo and conditioner into the fur. The soft bristles make sure that the shampoo reaches the roots of the hair, and helps your pet have a healthy fur while simultaneously stopping hair loss due to reduced shedding during bathing.
  2. Bristle brush will take old loose top fur and dirt!
  3. Pin Brush will be gentile on their skin as well

    Use the LoMas comb provided in the kit to get rid of the stubborn mats and tangles in the fur of your cat. The pointy teeth and straight comb stands to prevent the pulling of the pet's fur. The comb provides an overall pleasant experience to the pet while efficiently getting rid of all the tangles.

  4. Deshedding Brush

  5.  Undercoat Brush to prevent hairballs, helps to shedding process

    The 2 special deshedding combs are provided in the kit,made from stainless steel, which effectively removes loose hair from within the coat of the cat’s or dog's fur. The highly ergonomic design not only is the pleasant experience for the owner, but also reaches down into the topcoat easily without any discomfort to the pet.

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