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2021 water dispenser for big dogs indoor

Automatic Water Fontain - 680hkd

What is LoMas Automatic Pet Water Dispenser: LoMas automatic pet water fountain provides a contact-less and hands-free experience to provide clean drinking water to your pets, eliminating the need of manually providing water to the pets in a traditional manner using different utensils. This not only saves time but also the hustle and bustle to wash and maintain the pet utensils. Some of the key features of LoMas Automatic Pet Water Fountain are: Quiet operation: Pets are easily distracted from the task they are doing due to unnecessary sounds. Due to their curious nature, they start poking around if they find the sound interesting. When using an electric dispenser for providing water to the pets, this can cause serious injuries such as electric shock. The water pump used in LoMas automatic pet water fountain is optimized for quiet operation even when dispensing water. The copper windings used in the motor not only reduce noise but also serve to provide an efficient operation due to its ultra-low power consumption. This not only reduces the electric charges but also provides a smooth water drinking experience for pets like cats and dogs, without causing noise disturbance to the pet owners. Ergonomic Design suited to pet needs: The LoMas pet water dispenser uses a purpose-built special rounded design for the water tubs that is easily accessible to pets like cats and dogs. Pets always go for the easy option; and, poking their mouths into a utensil from which pets can not easily drink water, discourages drinking. The tub is easily accessible, so the pets never have any difficulty accessing the water at any time of the day. Infrared Proximity Sensor: The LoMas automatic water dispenser for pets is equipped with cutting edge technology to provide a hands-free operation. The dispenser comes with an infrared proximity sensor built right into the body of the pump. The infrared sensor using invisible light to track the movement of the pet around the dispenser. Whenever the pet becomes near the dispenser, the sensor turns on the dispenser pump, thereby automatically providing water to the pet without the owner having to touch anything. This gives an intelligent operation to the pump, saving not only water but also the costs of electric operation. LED Light Indicator: The automatic water dispenser has 4 working modes, and every mode is shown by the separate colour of the LED light featured on the top of the dispenser. This enables the owner to know about the dispenser status, which is indicated by the LED colours as follows: Blue: The blue colour on the light indicates intermittence. This light indicates the water will be dispensed into the tub in 30-second pump on and off cycles. Purple: The purple light indicates the continuous operation of the pump. The pump works throughout the day to dispense water. This operation is intended for use when several pets use the same dispenser for drinking water. Green: The green colour of the light indicates that the pump is working in intelligent mode. This means that infrared sensor is tracking the movement of your pets around the dispenser in real-time, thereby automatically turning on when the pet comes near and turning off when the pet is out of the threshold distance. Flashing Red: The flashing of the light in red colour warns about the low water level that needs to be replenished to provide an uninterruptible supply of water. Light Blue: Light blue colour of the LED indicates that water has been finished and needs to be replenished. The pump is automatically turned off in this case. Large Capacity: The water dispenser has a large capacity of about 3 litres, which provides enough water to the pets for the whole day. The water in the tub is kept temperature regulated through the specially used materials in the making of the tub to maintain the temperature of the water at the desired level. Filters: The filters that come with the dispenser to clean the water are made through special materials. The ion exchange resin in the filter serves to soften the tap water and also removes any invisible impurities. The activated carbon layer of the filter removes the bad taste and odour of the water due to foreign substances, which makes sure the water tastes pleasant to the pet. The LoMas automatic water dispenser comes with 2 of these filters, which provide such a filtering efficiency that water filtered through them can last for up to one month!

Pink Brushing Kit - 350 HKD

For brushing the fur of the cat, use our trademark LoMas Pet Grooming Kit as it has all the accessories to bathe your pet:
Dematting Comb: Use the LoMas dematting comb provided in the kit to get rid of the stubborn mats and tangles in the fur of your cat. The pointy sharp teeth and straight comb stands to prevent the pulling of the cat’s fur. The comb provides an overall pleasant experience to the pet while efficiently getting rid of all the tangles.
Cat Bathing Brush: The bathing brush included inside the kit is an ideal tool to enhance the penetration of shampoo and conditioner into the cat’s fur. The soft bristles make sure that the shampoo reaches the roots of the hair, and helps your cat have a healthy fur while simultaneously stopping hair loss due to reduced shredding during bathing.
Deshredding Brush and Undercoat Brush: The special deshredding brush provided in the kit has stainless steel, which effectively removes loose hair from within the coat of the cat’s fur. The highly ergonomic design not only guarantees the pleasant experience for the owner, but also reaches down into the topcoat easily without any discomfort to the cat.

best deal 2021 combs and brushes set for cat and dog
best blue pet combs for big dogs with clippers and file nails care

Multiple Brush Blue Kit - 350 HK

LoMas pet grooming kit is an overall package for the home care of pets such as cats and dogs. Bathing your pet using hands, or using conventional bathing brushes to get rid of the waste on their skin might be painful for your pet. Bathing your pets with conventional and homemade accessories is not a good deal overall, as it is dangerous for the pet’s fur, such as a furry cat.
Our kit contains all the accessories you might need during your pet bathing operation. Pets, when seeing conventional equipment, tend to flee away. For example, after bathing a dog, when you are ready to dry its fur using a human hairdryer, it runs away. This is because animals have a different sound hearing range, and human hair dryer proves to be too noisy and too hot for the delicate fur of your dog. LoMas pet grooming kit contains accessories that are specially designed to suit pet bathing needs, designed for the delicate fur of your pets. The special delicate brush fibers are made of food-grade material that is so soft that the pet’s fur seems to be a part of the brush fibers.
Our pet grooming kit contains a wide selection of pet care accessories. The ergonomic design of our accessories makes their use so streamlined that you won’t eve feel that you are bathing or brushing your pet. Same for the pet, the pet will enjoy their baths and brushing instead of fleeing away on the sight of brushes and accessories.