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A little story introduction

Curious who we are and where did it all started?


We are Diego and Katya, married couple and professional Ballroom dance couple during many years, and we are more than excited to share with You our story!


We both started from scratch, during our dancing career break in the idea born in February 2020, yes, yes, when our world was not facing great time at all, this is where word ‘break’ coming from... and nothing less we found out that we expecting a baby as well! Will never forget that months, was sad and happy at the same moment. So...


Why pets?


We both are complete lovers of both: dogs and cats, and overall... animals!

Actually and in our childhood, in home was always a pet which whole family loved and counted like a family member, so we both still remember each of them and miss them.


Our passion about it, lighted an idea of creation the products we would love to have in one place for our best friends with easy access( no need to go and visit different shops to find good quality and useful item for our dog at that moment) less time and stress of going around the city.


So then all process started)  


Then Diego is very passioned about all technology, which bring us to gradually spread out other product line and as we love what we do and we love helping people to discover new things and interesting items that we find, we will keep finding great and useful products to improve our and your lifestyle,

So life can be better and better only, moving always forward and finding the BEST!


Why ‘LoMas’ ?


Diego is Spanish(Barcelona) , and Katya is Russian(Siberia) . What a combination, right?


We are very unique when choosing our products, as we bring out best from completely different countries and traditions.


So as You can guess ‘LoMas’ is coming from Spanish language. And it means ‘the most’!


Speaks a lot about our believes we follow in our lives and we strongly suggest them for the people we care! 




Well, the life we have is ONE only and has no pause and rewinds backwards, each and single day is precious, for the TIME IS PRICELESS. Creating the most out of the day is what our personal goal which we try to transmit to our costumers too! Because there is nothing more important than how do You feel and Your loved once, Your comfort and memories, experiences we living and looking forward to.


Well, now You know a little bit more about ‘LoMas’ 


Hope You enjoyed reading this short blog!


Feel yourself free to join and share your experiences with our products on social media, we are super happy to see how we help and improve each day of people around the world, inside we all have same needs, no matter where we are coming from!


Let’s stay united and support each other in OUR online world.